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Cyclades Internet Services

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Web design

The creation of the website (web design) is the first and perhaps the most important step for your presence on the Internet.

Your site must be beautiful (aesthetics), functional, user friendly and search engines and properly highlight the product or services of your business.

The C.I.S. It gives its own color in web design by changing the current data. You can now make your static websites to dynamic simply contacting us. We are there for you to listen to your requests and to design a solution that will bring success to your business.

Hers our goal is to give you this essential presence taking into consideration the profile and needs of your company and adopting the same style that will suit you and at the same time will make you stand out from other similar companies.

Our primary concern is to complete within a reasonable period of time the construction of your website, having first driven and informed by you on exactly what you want to display and how. We believe that aesthetics play a dominant role in the construction of a website but should not hinder the functionality and ease of use.

Construction of static websites

If you want to have a good-looking website online without being interested in the dynamic management, then the solution is a static website. Contact us and give us the opportunity to do what we know, Web Design by cis.

Construction of dynamic websites

The solution of the dynamic website include those who want to manage their page and not depend on anyone. The cis having enough experience to hundreds of your content management systems, learning to manage your site simply and quickly.

Web Hosting

Web hosting on servers with the highest standards, with a sense of responsibility and a prompt response to any technical issue by guaranteeing the security and uninterrupted visibility of your website. web hosting, full features, reliability, economy, warranty C.I.S. It provides integrated solutions and online services, ready to meet any individual or business needs.

Greek Hosting

Hosting two proprietary Data Centers in Greek territory but international standards

Hotel websites

The Hotels websites should be presented in the most attractive manner and be very handy. It is a valuable tool for hoteliers as they can reach tourists from around the world.

Introducing the benefits offered given the visitor the opportunity to know the place you visit, including the site locations and attractions of the site.

But this is not enough! The hotel room is facing a lot of competition online, which is why we enhance your website with the necessary supplies. Creating your page with SEO Friendly content, which makes it easier to find content by search engines. Add in the template structure the necessary data (keywords, descriptions, meta, robots) that need to be able to read Google your website.

A hotel website must first meet the expectations of the prospective client. The development of a hotel website should be based on international standards and not in Greek. Unfortunately most websites for hotel and rooms made not include some basic and obvious evidence.

Hotel websites and apartments must be:

• Dynamic in a user-friendly environment • The presentation of the hotel or the rooms meet the modern requirements • Their structure is complete • The content and information of the hotel sites to complete and convince the target audience. • The texts contain is properly structured both grammatically and syntactically. • Be available keywords and meta-tags per page and language • The presentation of the rooms and spaces should be done in a modern way based on new technologies. • Finally the photographic presentation be made intelligently and creatively.

The hotelier or owner rented rooms is required to properly screen the business to attract prospective customers the pleadings properly shaped hotel website would definitely give a spectacular customer growth. What we want for you is to give the best image of your company in the world in order to choose you as a destination.