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Kelyfos – Commerce Insulation Products

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We deal in 1999 with the building industry.

We constantly monitor the technological developments and new requirements for energy enhancement and protection of the environment. We have knowledge of new generation materials.

Upon investigation we found the quality of POLYKEM company.

We got KELYFOS certification system and undertook the exclusive representation of DOW product (German origin) in Milos.

Since 2010 we perform and guarantee technical, external and internal wall insulation.

In June 2014 we opened a wholesale store insulation materials in addition Triovasalo Milos.

Besides the aforementioned POLYKEM also collaborate with other leading vendors in the industry, such as DOW BASF, ALCHIMICA, ALUMIL etc.

These companies produce products certified for:

Soundproofing – Industrial insulation
Dry construction
Building materials
chemical structures