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Greet the new philosophy on the market of saying … WELCOME!
A new, big and Greek chain store comes and changes the data in the electrical market. WELCOME STORES. A chain with a smiling face-even the logo thereof; but the heart he puts in the center of the philosophy of the consumer.
Our main business is the retail sale of electrical and electronic products and other household goods through the network, with the simultaneous provision of a full package of services such as transport, installation, service.
The Welcomestores combines the experience and expertise to their freshness, protection and flexibility a new dynamic, financially sound and purely Greek company.
Our features:
  • Complete collection of the biggest and most reliable brands market
  • Net prices and solutions adapted to the needs of each consumer individually
  • Experienced and qualified staff
  • Personal relationship with the consumer
  • Suggestions and solutions at the lowest prices
  • Ζεστό και οικείο στον καταναλωτή περιβάλλον, που καλλιεργεί μια σχέση εμπιστοσύνης
  • friendly atmosphere