Beaches of Milos

Beaches, unique … ..Beaches…… incredible beaches for all … … ..Beaches….Beaches!

The 125km indented coastline compose an incredible reality as variations in shapes and colors are continuous and highly impressive. Especially during the circumnavigation of the island where you can shortly about time to discover more than 75 large and small beaches, crystal blue waters, colorful carved rocks, platinum beaches and dozens of caves, are sure to be enchanted by the inimitable this product laboratory god Hephaestus.

Milos certainly owes much to the volcanic payment for its current impressive geomorphology and fascination to the visitor. The beaches offer an endless alternation of beaches, bays with pebble encircled by white, red, yellow or black rocks, caves and of course unique geological formations. As for the choice of the most appropriate beach, certainly will not be a problem as there is a wide variety of accessibility, traffic organization and isolation that will surely meet the most demanding tastes.

Regarding access, the road network is very good in the north and in most of the southern beaches. These are located on the east and west side of the island the access is relatively difficult and the most part are dirt path. Still, there are beaches, like Kleftiko, Gerakas, Sikia and many others, which you can visit only by boat, by participating in excursions starting from Adamas, Pollonia the Garden and St. Sunday.

An essential criterion for the selection of the appropriate beach to swim is the direction of the wind. In winds and northerly winds it is better to choose beaches inside the bay, or even better on the south side of the island. Instead, to southerly winds, we recommend the beaches located on the north side.