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The fotorama composed by cameramen video professionals with long experience in filming and videotaping of Marriage Christening. Modern equipment and the investment of our company in digital cameras, ensure your bright backgrounds, clarity and excellent reception quality.

Important: We use all the latest technology in HDV, to cover all your needs at a very low cost.

In all our services, we distinguish with the direct fast but never rough delivery.

In every wedding filming the fotorama offers:

  • coverage bride preparing video
  • digital video recording
  • Video recording in Full High Definition
  • Coverage in the reception area
  • Create a menu on the DVD
  • audio recording at the correct tension, and professional Mixing
  • Background music and Start / Stop titles
  • Editing for the right shots, angles and pace
  • Create video clip

The fotorama composed of professional photographers with extensive experience in wedding photography and Shooting Baptism. The artistic expression and realistic representation are the two elements that are trying to join, giving you the best possible result in the display of special moments. In every wedding photography in fotorama offers:

  • Cover with bride preparation photography
  • digital photography
  • Black and white photography
  • Large numbers of samples for your options
  • Digital processing in selected photos
  • Print photos in poster sizes
  • Create digital albums

Digital album (Photobook)

The digital album is a presentation of your photos where you mix the model and the photo to create a nice effect. Our company is engaged in graphic design and photography so we have the ability to create beautiful digital albums where highlight the photos of your baptism, rather than the effects!

Digital album created in collaboration with you.

You choose the wedding photos or baptism and we will build the models.

The printing is done in real photo paper (not plotter, inkjet) which passes through the chemical process and in addition to transparent varnish UV at 650 degrees for unlimited resistance not only in time but also in harsh treatment.

There is a choice of glossy, silky semi-matte and metallic paper.

The binding will be using the best means to ensure the indelible durability.

That is why, and delivered with guaranteed long term zois.I choice for the cover will also be made by you between huge range of materials (wood, leather, canvas, plexiglass, aluminum etc.)

Other services

Digital Image Processing Retouching, colors, corrections, background change, isolating people, red-eye correction, compositions.

Professional photography, with the appropriate photographic equipment available for architectural photography, we take photographs of spaces, buildings, premises (catering, entertainment) of multi etc.

Important: We use all the latest technology in HDV, to cover all your needs at a very low cost.

In all our services, we distinguish with the direct fast but never rough delivery.

The wedding photos and baptism thus emerge as vivlio.Mia story unfolds page pagethe story of your life.

Photographing hotel units

The hotel photography, big or small, is a completely specialized photography category. At Hotel photographing, almost always there are various problems, particularities, problems to solve, or simply end should our theme occur more “idealized most” alive morecheerful most envied DESIRED for anyone sees this photographic presentation! And this “whoever” is almost always POTENTIAL” CUSTOMER!

If you want the form to the hotel’s website vary and give the real atmosphere, you need a series of digital files flawlessly.

The renovation cost is always great, we consider that this should be seen in the form of photos of the website, we guarantee you will certainly find that the result of photographing the shows.

Advertising Objects Photographing

Since most small and insignificant” subject to large sets of objects factually difficult transported photographed comfortably and without problems, or quality degradation, on the site of production or exhibition, anywhere, at any point of Greece.