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A family business in Milos story 74 years on bread

Since 1985, the bakery Murad offers daily a variety of delicious and healthy bakery products, carrying the traditional art from generation to generation (currently the company is in Bakers hands 3rd and soon 4G), adding successfully, except however carefully the products of the characteristics of the time.

Beautiful modern and traditional recipes, fresh ingredients from Milos and the rest of Greece and warm heart are the elements which contribute to the creation of the “confectionary berry”, unique traditional flavors and products. In the showcases welcoming, bright area of the enterprise is offered a variety of choices from twelve kinds of fine bakery with exquisite handmade scones, homemade scented cake, delicious buns, eight types of pastries, four different pizzas and sandwiches taste, warm crispy cheese, a wide variety of yeasts sweet and brackish, twenty five kinds of mouth-watering croissants, delicious syrupy honeyed sweet, colorful imaginative cakes, tasty pastries, various seasonal sweets like melomakarona, buns, Pie and an amazing, fluffy bread.

Because in a place the top dining experience is the local traditional dishes, the “confectionary berry” xefournizei daily, the “ladenia” a wonderful fermenter pie with bright red fresh ntomatoules and crunchy, caramelized onions, which has its roots in the birth island Dimitri Murat, Kimolos.

Along with “ladenia” craftsmanship of the Murat family manufactures and offers the famous and typical snack of Milos kitchen, the “pies”, namely pies stuffed with pepper, grated xerotyri, mint and onion.

Finally, one of the most sweet and refreshing summer fruit, watermelon, transform into the hands of its owners’ confectionary berry “in a delicious dessert, the traditional karpouzopita, a sweet cake made just from local anhydrous watermelon consumed beautifully warm but also frozen. The karpouzopita Milos is one of the few recipes for watermelon in Greece.