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Municipal Port Milos Office

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In 2002 the municipality transferred the responsibilities of the Intermunicipal Port Office Pref. Cyclades concerning the Municipality Milos and established NPDD named “Municipal Port Milos Office”, which operates in accordance with the provisions of PD / Tosh 410/95 (a, 231), performs the functions according to the provisions of par. 1 and 2 of Article 28 of Law. 2738/99, as amended. (September 10, 2002, Government Gazette 217 / 18.9.02)

With this competence transfer movement, the Municipal Port Milos Office is requested to provide public services and contribute to the commercial, passenger, shipping, tourism and fishing traffic and in general to the proper functioning of the island’s ports. (Adamas, Canava Pollonia).

The Board of Milos Municipal Port Authority consists of 6 members who are councilors and citizens or residents with similar professional and social activity or special knowledge relevant for the legal person. The two elected Council members are appointed by the minority of City Council and member of the Board is necessarily the Harbour Master.