Milos. …… A blessed place

Milos island is a unique place that provides you with a thousand and one reasons to choose it as your next top travelling destination.


Come with us to a virtual trip all around the island, in every little spot, with details, images and video clips, so you can discover the many different opportunities the island can give you for a wonderful vacation.gnoristetimilo1-600x572

If your ideal holidays include crowded and noisy beaches, urbanised destinations that barely differ from your current location, huge hotel facilities and a wild nightlife then… Milos will disappoint you for sure!

However, if what you are looking for is a destination that has kept its true identity and its local businesses aim above all to welcome you with the traditional hospitality…
If you are looking for a place that used to be an important centre in antiquity and now provides you with a magnificent environment, with dozens of beautiful beaches and rocky formations, then look no further… Milos, the island of colours, is always happy to welcome you so you may draw your own story on its canvas…



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