Sights in Milos

Milos, beyond the great dowry in areas such as the “sun & sea” has a number of highly interesting sights in all forms. Each of them has its own special meaning and it would be remiss of the visitor not to visit during his visit. The xromata1habitation of the island already began in the Neolithic period left a great historical heritage, with major witnesses the ancient cities of Phylakopi and Klima. The pivotal role of the island in the area shown by the spread of Christianity in it during the early Christian times, and the existence of Katakomvon.katakomves1

xromata1I volcanic creation, has left indelible marks on the physical formations and mineral rich subsoil. Kleftiko, Sarakiniko, Glaronisia, the Bears, Vani are some of the volcanic these gifts.
The extraction of mineral resources starting from ancient times to the obsidian and the millstones and reaching our days with industrial minerals, has produced several interesting mining (Demenagaki, Paliorema, Vani, Agkeria) and industrial monuments such as the Sulphur Mines.
The cultural wealth of the island and any kind of life form on it over the centuries, presented in the best way in existing museums, and more specifically to the Archaeological, Ecclesiastical, Folklore, Mining and Navy. The nature on the island also has many features, such as unique flora and fauna specimens known of this Milos viper (vipera lebetina).
The mighty power of geothermal energy that is hidden under the ground of Milos, is responsible for creating large geothermal craters (Archontimios, Agioi Anargyroi) and multi-point with mineral springs and fumaroles. From volcanoes responsible for the “birth” of the island, visible only this Kalamos is now turned off for about 60,000 years.

Tmouseio1a advantages Milo in ancient times, and gave the wealth and prosperity with serious sample of the statue of Venus, often were the causes for the suffering of. katakomves1One such case was the long siege by the Athenians during the thirty years war and destruction. Unique advantage of this historic fact the legacy of “Dialogues Miloans & Athens” which characteristically describe how helpless may be right but eventually the strong will impose its own “law of the strong”!
It is really very difficult to isolate one specific points that should be seen visiting the island.

So many spaces inhabited in the past and today offer monumental images.

venus1Einai dozens of the amazing and unique beaches and above all are countless geological singularity points tie down our look and awe and admiration.
Considering that offering a private car only takes 3-4 days for a relaxing and full tour of every corner of the island, it adds a day to the necessary sea trip, thus leading to the conclusion that if there is proper planning to explore Milos even a short vacation.


A proposal that would be the minimum content would include the following:

Archaeological Sites: Phylakopi and Tripiti – Klima, Catacombs
Museums: Plaka and Adamas
Settlements: Plaka, Tripiti, Klima, Mandrakia, Fyropotamos, Fourkovouni, Empourio ……..
Sunset: Castle in Plaka
Points of geological interest 1: With water excursion – Bears, Vani, Fig Tree Cave, Kleftiko, Glaronisia ….
Points of geological interest 2: Road – Sarakiniko Agkerias mines Papafragas, Theiorycheia, Kalamos fumaroles,
Beaches: Paliohori, Agia Kyriaki, Firiplaka, Gerakas, Elder, Triads, Thorns ……